10: My cheese knowledge is very limited. 31: I'm going to get a Happy Meal. Because I'm a happy boy. 48: I'm killing more people than ever. 63: I feel pregnant. 149: I specialize in jizz comedy. 343: It's like a ball pit, but instead of balls, it's cats. 392: I'd copy paste my own mother if I could. 419: That's my girlfriend! She's probably dead now. 420: I'm pretty hungry... and pretty cold. I'm pretty everything. Actually I'm just pretty. 521: Not enough nuzzle wuzzles and too much erotica. 524: They got me cat and hentai. 560: I think this is what dogs look like. 621: loadJ is nothing. 690: Ducks don't quack. 789: I saw that eggplant and I just had to smooch. 819: *in a banana* "Can I ask for a better life?" 835: There is a lot of catfishing going on here. 858: Hmm... doesn’t taste like jizz... 916: It's not the face, it's not the furry cheeks. It's those 'fuck me'-eyes. 919: Lola Bunny is hot and I would bang her. 969: Li is the queen of farts. 979: I don't know what color white people are. 985: I don't have sex with socks. 1058: I do look like an egg, don't I? I do look very egg-based. 1073: I was in Bethlehem once. As a child. On Christmas. It was a play. I was the camel. 1111: I'm Facebook's Bitch. 1127: I love ducks, they're very cute. I once ate one by mistake. 1145: I need my milk! 1159: I wish Garfield was my mom. 1219: Ten years, zero books. 1249: Who says chickens can't be furries? 1288: I'm super hairy where I shouldn't be, and also super bald where I shouldn't be. I'm the worst coconut.