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This website contains community made redraws of LoadingArtist Comics of the past 10 years.

Loaded Artists Celebrate

The Community

Congratulations on TEN whole years of making LoadingArtist comics. You may be thinking, “Hey, wasn’t my ten-year anniversary like a month ago?” but we thought, what’s a better way to properly honour you than to reflect your lack of punctuality. I mean, we could’ve honoured you by reflecting on your other trait and just not have done anything, but we felt this was nicer.

To honour TEN whole years of Loading Artist, we’ve brought the community together once again to make a small tribute to your vast collection of comics. Everyone took their favourite comic or panel and redrew it in their own style. It’s like a sort of Loading Artist multiverse, where the artists have some talent. All jokes aside, we are obviously greatly appreciative of the work you have done over the past decade, through your thirties and forties, giving us unexpected punchlines, drawing stunning art, and making us laugh.

Even though you haven’t streamed through the entire ten years, your streams have also been a massive positive force on everyone here. From your goofy hijinks to your endless tips and advice for how to be a better artist. You entertain and inspire an entire community.

HD Version with names | Hatguys Overview

Here’s to another ten years. Cheers! :loadWow:

<3 Loading Artist Community